We provide our customers not only highly efficient fan-forced gasifier stoves, we also activate the charcoal we buy back from them and sell it back to them as fertilizers, water and air filters.


We make pellets from biomass waste including spent coffee grounds, coffee husks, sawdust, wood chips, even khat stems

Fuel Pellets 1
Biochar-based Fertilizer:

The byproduct of our fan-forced stoves is biochar. By activating the biochar, one of the products we make is biochar-based fertilizer, which can be used by urban farmers.

Water Filters:

Water filters are the second products we make by activating the biochar.

"Let's help people have access to sustainable energy!"

Air Purifiers:

The third product we make by activating the biochar is air purifiers that can be used in refrigerators, vehicles, bathrooms, etc

Waste Recycling:

In converting waste biomass to fuel pellets and using the byproducts as fertilizers, water and air filters, we remove important sources of pollutants from the environment.

Reduce Carbon Emissions:

Each of our stoves removes an average of 6 tons of CO2 from the environment, compared to a charcoal stove used for a year. The activation and use of the biochar as fertilizer, water and air filters, in turn, sequesters additional carbon.

Tons of waste biomass upcycled/year
Target Healthy Households
Tons of CO2 emission reduction/year
Tons of carbon sequestered/year
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