How it works: Our flat-pack rocket stove is ingeniously designed for optimal fuel efficiency and ease of assembly. The rocket stove’s open feeding chamber allows a generous flow of oxygen into the unit, promoting rapid ignition. The rising hot air races up the heat riser, creating a powerful draft that pulls in even more air. This self-sustaining process ensures a efficient burn, reducing fuel consumption while delivering intense heat for your cooking needs. It’s a brilliant solution for those seeking flexibility in their choice of fuel and a easy-to-use stove.

Why choose this stove: Choosing a rocket stove means embracing a versatile cooking solution. The rocket stove’s innovative design maximizes fuel efficiency, making it an environmentally conscious choice. It’s easy to assemble with lasercut sheet metal parts, allowing us to sell this stove at a competitive price. With its efficient combustion process, you can use a variety of fuels, including wood, biomass, and more, making it an ideal option for those who want to adapt to different cooking scenarios.

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