We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we care deeply about the problem we seek to address and respect and trust the contribution each make towards fulfilling our dream of making sustainable energy accessible and affordable to those who need it most.


Tsegaye Nega

Founder and Managing Director. Dr. Tsegaye Nega is a professor of Conservation Biology/Landscape Ecology in the Environmental Studies program at Carleton College, Minnesota, U.S.A and is currently in Ethiopia as a Fulbright Scholar (2017-2019). Dr. Nega has a diverse background. One of his early engagement in addressing environmental problems in Ethiopia was developing the first spatially explicit and policy-driven simulation model for Addis Ababa. to help mitigate the growing environmental problem the city faces. Since then he has been engaged in designing, prototyping, and testing gasifier stoves in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He also has spent a significant amount of time developing recipes to convert waste biomass into fuel pellets and converting the biochar produced from burning the pellets to fertilizer, water, and air filters

Deborah Gross

Dr. Deborah Gross is a professor of Chemistry at Carleton College, Minnesota, U.S.A. Her teaching and research interests lie in the study of ambient aerosol particles using real-time particle measuring instruments, such as the Aerosol Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer (ATOFMS) to learn more about airborne particulates. This instruments makes it possible to measure both the size and composition of ambient aerosol particles in real-time, from polydisperse samples. Once we have a better understanding of where the particles which we are breathing come from, as well as their chemical composition, it will be possible to better understand their effects on the environment and on human health. I have been actively collaborating with Professor Nega on addressing the household energy problems in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our collaboration involves testing the emission characteristics of the stoves he has designed, energy content analysis of the blended pellets he makes available to households, the testing of his “stove + pellets + charcoal buy-back” business model.

Pascal Franken

Mr. Pascal Franken is an engineer with an advanced degree in integrated product design. He has a great affinity for creating challenging, intuitive and functional products. He is instrumental in translating the challenging functional requirements of our cookstoves into an aesthetically pleasing and useful design. He employees an adaptive, hands-on, and visual design process to his work.

Seblua Abebe

Ms. Seblua Abebe is an engineer who joined the team two and half years ago. She is the heart and soul of our effort, working tirelessly to introduce our business model to customers, troubeshooting any problem they encounter, making pellets, converting the biochar we buy from our customers into fertilizer, water, and air filters. She handles all government-related requirements for this work.

Thijs Smallenbroek

Mr. Thijs Smallenbroek is an engineer who joined the team one year ago. He initiated the development of automated pellet feeding in our product line. 

Our Values


To use the best scientific data and methods available to guide our actions to create and promote healthy and sustainable kitchens in Ethiopia.


To be honest, trustworthy and transparent in all we do. We will strive to do the right thing to achieve smoke free and sustainable kitchens.


We value the diversity and unique contributions of our employees and partners. We plan to develop positive relationships, foster innovative solutions, and strengthen our capacity to accomplish our mission.


To be effective by operating with open communication, transparency, timeliness, and continuous quality.


Uphold a standard of conduct that recognizes and values the contributions of all.


To help improve, maintain, and protect the health and natural resources of all Ethiopians by developing efficient gasifier stoves and sustainable biofuels


Create smoke free, cost effective, and healthy kitchens in Ethiopia, where all people have energy efficient and workable stoves and the fuel necessary to be healthy.

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